Groundhog DayWidely considered a modern classic, showcasing one of Bill Murray’s finest performances, Groundhog Day is rightly celebrated as sublime romantic comedy.  But while I bet you like the movie, too, I’d also bet you probably never guessed at the amount of subtext and profundity in the film.  Seriously.

Check out this short essay from Touchstone Magazine – it’s a fun read and you’ll be blown away at everything the author reveals about the film:

Phil’s Shadow

P.S.  Good writers are good readers.  Increasing your ability to understand why and how authors (and directors) are able to weave their spells will make you a better writer.  So don’t blow this off just because it’s not a copywriting-specific how-to piece.


  1. mark brady on 02.02.2010

    excellent find, jeff,thanks1

  2. Lorraine on 02.03.2010

    I confess I’ve never seen Groundhog Day. After reading the fantastic Touchstone essay I intend to amend my cultural/theological/marketing lapse this weekend.