conversion_conference_hearUsSpeak_200x115Who would have thunk it?

At a time when most SEO Conferences have been running for more than a decade, we’re just now having our very first Conversion Conference next week.

Which isn’t to say I’m not excited to be speaking at Conversion Conference West – I’m thrilled! – but that the inaugural nature of the conference indicates both what had been the prevailing industry inattention to conversion rate optimization and how dramatically things have changed in the last two years:

  • Competition has increased for attention, business dollars, and everything else,
  • The economic climate has changed dramatically,
  • Paid traffic has become increasingly more expensive,
  • Social Media has dramatically altered how people spend their time online
  • Online testing platforms have become ubiquitous and their use de rigueur for any serious Website / web marketer

In response we’re witnessing:

If I wanted to be smug, I’d say that these were all things that Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg were stressing as far back as 1999 and early, post-dot bomb 2000’s.  But that’s beside the point.  The point is that if YOU’RE not doing these things – or at least busily getting smart on these topics – doing so is now a matter of survival.

Why not jump-start your efforts by attending Conversion West in San Jose, May 4th and 5th?

You can even get a late-bird discount by using Promo Code CCW565

I hope to see you there.


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