anniversaryTurns out I missed my blog’s one year anniver­sary, which took place on Octo­ber 7th. Doh!

Oh well, since I also missed the chance to post these thoughts pre-Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share this as a way of say­ing thanks to all of you, my read­ers and subscribers.

Any­one famil­iar with Joseph Camp­bell and The Hero’s Jour­ney, or even with Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet from Save The Cat, knows that sto­ries revolve around a very pre­dictable set of struc­tural elements:

  • The hero almost always starts out with some fear, block, wound, or lim­i­ta­tion to be over­come or tran­scended as a result of the jour­ney taken, usu­ally expressed in a sta­sis = death moment
  • The hero typ­i­cally resists the “call to adven­ture” before being some­what forced to “cross the threshold,”
  • There’s an “all is lost moment”
  • and in any story not a tragedy, there’s also the happy ending

What you don’t likely think about is that we all go through this cycle mul­ti­ple times in our lives. Heck, if “mythic” struc­ture applies to freakin’ TV com­mer­cials, don’t you think it can apply to your work-a-day world?  Well, it can and it does.  And that real­iza­tion has really been a por­tal to sin­cere grat­i­tude for me.

See, instead of express­ing grat­i­tude in gen­eral for every­thing good in my life, I take a trip back, 5 years ago, 10 years, ago or even ear­lier.  I men­tally go back to the last time I faced a sta­sis = death moment in my life, or the last time life pushed me past the thresh­old by kick­ing me squarely in the nuts.  I recall all those unpleas­ant feel­ings and what my life was like in that moment, and from that act of remem­brance, all of the many bless­ings that have come into my life since then fall into sharp relief.  I get to see the happy end­ings to a lot of cycles, and the grat­i­tude that comes from that lasts far longer than a strained attempt to be thank­ful in gen­eral.  Highly recommended.

A year ago I was leav­ing my old blog­ging home at Future Now and start­ing up an unknown blog in the already over­crowded field of copy­writ­ing and mar­ket­ing.  And while the end­ing hasn’t yet been writ­ten, the jour­ney has been a blast.  Thank you for being part of it.

- Jeff

“Know some­thing, sugar? Sto­ries only hap­pen to peo­ple who can tell them.” — Alan Gurganus


  1. Brian Killian on 12.05.2010

    Con­grats. You’ve pub­lished some really great con­tent here over the last year. I’m still read­ing through it.

    I think I’m going through my own sta­sis right now, don’t know if it will be a happy end­ing. Every sta­sis must look like a tragedy while your going through it. Oh well.

    To happy endings!

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