anniversaryTurns out I missed my blog’s one year anniversary, which took place on October 7th. Doh!

Oh well, since I also missed the chance to post these thoughts pre-Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share this as a way of saying thanks to all of you, my readers and subscribers.

Anyone familiar with Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey, or even with Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet from Save The Cat, knows that stories revolve around a very predictable set of structural elements:

  • The hero almost always starts out with some fear, block, wound, or limitation to be overcome or transcended as a result of the journey taken, usually expressed in a stasis = death moment
  • The hero typically resists the “call to adventure” before being somewhat forced to “cross the threshold,”
  • There’s an “all is lost moment”
  • and in any story not a tragedy, there’s also the happy ending

What you don’t likely think about is that we all go through this cycle multiple times in our lives. Heck, if “mythic” structure applies to freakin’ TV commercials, don’t you think it can apply to your work-a-day world?  Well, it can and it does.  And that realization has really been a portal to sincere gratitude for me.

See, instead of expressing gratitude in general for everything good in my life, I take a trip back, 5 years ago, 10 years, ago or even earlier.  I mentally go back to the last time I faced a stasis = death moment in my life, or the last time life pushed me past the threshold by kicking me squarely in the nuts.  I recall all those unpleasant feelings and what my life was like in that moment, and from that act of remembrance, all of the many blessings that have come into my life since then fall into sharp relief.  I get to see the happy endings to a lot of cycles, and the gratitude that comes from that lasts far longer than a strained attempt to be thankful in general.  Highly recommended.

A year ago I was leaving my old blogging home at Future Now and starting up an unknown blog in the already overcrowded field of copywriting and marketing.  And while the ending hasn’t yet been written, the journey has been a blast.  Thank you for being part of it.

– Jeff

“”Know something, sugar? Stories only happen to people who can tell them.” – Alan Gurganus


  1. Brian Killian on 12.05.2010

    Congrats. You’ve published some really great content here over the last year. I’m still reading through it.

    I think I’m going through my own stasis right now, don’t know if it will be a happy ending. Every stasis must look like a tragedy while your going through it. Oh well.

    To happy endings!