cb-podcast-coverOver at Copyblogger, Brian Clark just posted a meaty and insight-saturated interview titled, Attention: Is Your Headline Getting Any?

And at the tail end of that interview, Brian announces a Headline Writing Masterclass that I’ll be co-conducting along with Brian via Webinar.

So I wanted to announce this Webinar to all of my readers here at the blog, and to give you a brief explanation on how to sign-up and what kind of content you can expect:

Trouble_girl3First, you may want to look at my old post: How Trouble Taught Me 4 Ways to Write Better Headlines.

What that post should tell you is that my approach to teaching headline writing is in direct opposition to most others. I don’t give you headline templates or formulas to Mad Lib with your own products and brand names; I seek to help you understand the dynamics and principles behind effective headlines.

When you can create great headlines from first principles, you never run out of awesome headlines, regardless of how voracious or demanding your content marketing needs.  When you rely on templates, you end up looking schlockey as you stretch and deform the headline to inappropriate contexts and  and you quickly run out of templates.

So why not learn how to make them yourself?

Well, most writers don’t learn it because darn few people teach how to do it.  Sean D’Souza has some decent stuff on headlines, and Brian Clark reveals some good stuff in this interview and in his blog posts.  But other than Sean and Brian, most people revert back to the Swipe File/Mad Libs technique.

So, yes, this is yet another info-product highly recommended by it’s creator – except all you have to do to get this one is sign-up for the Internet Marketing for Smart People newsletter (which is a good deal in itself; I’ve been a subscriber since it first came out).

What will this Webinar cover, in more specific terms?

So, in Brian’s Copyblogger interview, he mentions his the 4U Method of Writing Headlines*, which means that every headline should be:

  1. Useful (with a broad definition of “useful”)
  2. Urgent
  3. Unique
  4. Ultra-specific

So in those terms, this Master Class will teach you:

  1. 10 specific ways to signal Usefulness to your Audience
  2. 7 Fascination Triggers to create added Urgency and Uniqueness to your headlines
  3. How to layer technique onto technique to multiply the magnetic effect of each
  4. Over 33 Headlines Deconstructed in Depth
  5. Understand the difference between power adjectives vs. amateur-hour adjectives

I’d offer you all a money-back guarantee, but, um, we’re not charging any money for it, so… just go sign up for it already!

Oh, and in the words of Bartles & Jaymes, “and thank you for your support” 🙂

* According to a commenter, the 4U Method comes from the great Bob Bly Michael Masterson.


  1. Eric Olsen on 01.27.2011

    The 4 U’s isn’t Brian’s method. That comes from the great Bob Bly.

  2. Naomi Niles on 01.27.2011

    Well, thank goodness I’m already signed up! Looking forward to it!

  3. Jeff on 01.27.2011


    Cool, actually, Brian attributes the 4U Method to AWAI, and specifically mentions that he’s not sure where AWAI might have gotten it from. That it came from Bob Bly is not at all surprising. Anyway, it was my bad to write it as “his” 4U method rather than ‘the” 4U method. I’ll get that fixed ASAP.

    – Jeff

  4. Eric Olsen on 01.27.2011

    Ok… I need to * myself now. While popularized by Bly, apparently he credits his colleague, Michael Masterson for the idea.


  5. Jeff on 01.30.2011


    OK. Duly noted. Thanks for the update.

    – Jeff