cb-podcast-coverOver at Copy­blog­ger, Brian Clark just posted a meaty and insight-saturated inter­view titled, Atten­tion: Is Your Head­line Get­ting Any?

And at the tail end of that inter­view, Brian announces a Head­line Writ­ing Mas­ter­class that I’ll be co-conducting along with Brian via Webinar.

So I wanted to announce this Webi­nar to all of my read­ers here at the blog, and to give you a brief expla­na­tion on how to sign-up and what kind of con­tent you can expect:

Trouble_girl3First, you may want to look at my old post: How Trou­ble Taught Me 4 Ways to Write Bet­ter Head­lines.

What that post should tell you is that my approach to teach­ing head­line writ­ing is in direct oppo­si­tion to most oth­ers. I don’t give you head­line tem­plates or for­mu­las to Mad Lib with your own prod­ucts and brand names; I seek to help you under­stand the dynam­ics and prin­ci­ples behind effec­tive headlines.

When you can cre­ate great head­lines from first prin­ci­ples, you never run out of awe­some head­lines, regard­less of how vora­cious or demand­ing your con­tent mar­ket­ing needs.  When you rely on tem­plates, you end up look­ing schlockey as you stretch and deform the head­line to inap­pro­pri­ate con­texts and  and you quickly run out of templates.

So why not learn how to make them yourself?

Well, most writ­ers don’t learn it because darn few peo­ple teach how to do it.  Sean D’Souza has some decent stuff on head­lines, and Brian Clark reveals some good stuff in this inter­view and in his blog posts.  But other than Sean and Brian, most peo­ple revert back to the Swipe File/Mad Libs technique.

So, yes, this is yet another info-product highly rec­om­mended by it’s cre­ator — except all you have to do to get this one is sign-up for the Inter­net Mar­ket­ing for Smart Peo­ple newslet­ter (which is a good deal in itself; I’ve been a sub­scriber since it first came out).

What will this Webi­nar cover, in more spe­cific terms?

So, in Brian’s Copy­blog­ger inter­view, he men­tions his the 4U Method of Writ­ing Head­lines*, which means that every head­line should be:

  1. Use­ful (with a broad def­i­n­i­tion of “useful”)
  2. Urgent
  3. Unique
  4. Ultra-specific

So in those terms, this Mas­ter Class will teach you:

  1. 10 spe­cific ways to sig­nal Use­ful­ness to your Audience
  2. 7 Fas­ci­na­tion Trig­gers to cre­ate added Urgency and Unique­ness to your headlines
  3. How to layer tech­nique onto tech­nique to mul­ti­ply the mag­netic effect of each
  4. Over 33 Head­lines Decon­structed in Depth
  5. Under­stand the dif­fer­ence between power adjec­tives vs. amateur-hour adjectives

I’d offer you all a money-back guar­an­tee, but, um, we’re not charg­ing any money for it, so… just go sign up for it already!

Oh, and in the words of Bar­tles & Jaymes, “and thank you for your sup­port” :)

* Accord­ing to a com­menter, the 4U Method comes from the great Bob Bly Michael Mas­ter­son.


  1. Eric Olsen on 01.27.2011

    The 4 U’s isn’t Brian’s method. That comes from the great Bob Bly.

  2. Naomi Niles on 01.27.2011

    Well, thank good­ness I’m already signed up! Look­ing for­ward to it!

  3. Jeff on 01.27.2011


    Cool, actu­ally, Brian attrib­utes the 4U Method to AWAI, and specif­i­cally men­tions that he’s not sure where AWAI might have got­ten it from. That it came from Bob Bly is not at all sur­pris­ing. Any­way, it was my bad to write it as “his” 4U method rather than ‘the” 4U method. I’ll get that fixed ASAP.

    - Jeff

  4. Eric Olsen on 01.27.2011

    Ok… I need to * myself now. While pop­u­lar­ized by Bly, appar­ently he cred­its his col­league, Michael Mas­ter­son for the idea.


  5. Jeff on 01.30.2011


    OK. Duly noted. Thanks for the update.

    - Jeff

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