summer-vacation-beach-11Some­time this sum­mer I lost my blog­ging mojo and decided to take most of July and all of August off.  Very Euro­pean of me, actually.

But the school year is back in ses­sion and so am I, with apolo­gies for my absence dur­ing the sum­mer and an amends for any­one inter­ested in my guest-blogging activ­i­ties while I was away.

You see, I have been writ­ing, just not for my per­sonal blog.  I’ve been scrib­bling down PPC Ad Writ­ing tips for BoostCTR’s blog (since I’m now man­ag­ing their writer com­mu­nity) and guest post­ing my Face­book Ad Writ­ing thoughts over at PPC Hero.

If you’re inter­ested in such things, I’ve com­piled a list of my favorite posts here:


  1. Bill Laidlaw on 09.05.2011

    I am a new­bie Boost­ctr cus­tomer and did not even notice they had a blog!
    In my books your con­tent ranks right up there Seo­Moz posts in their imme­di­ate usabil­ity. Great stuff Jeff.

  2. Artur on 09.05.2011

    …take most of July and all of August off. Very Euro­pean of me, actually.”

    That’s what I miss about liv­ing in Europe. In the U.S.A it’s all work all the time, even on a short 1 week vacation.

  3. Jeff on 09.05.2011

    Thanks, Bill! That’s high praise indeed.

    And, yes, Artur, a French or Ital­ian sense of vaca­tion time is sorely needed in America : )

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