summer-vacation-beach-11Sometime this summer I lost my blogging mojo and decided to take most of July and all of August off.  Very European of me, actually.

But the school year is back in session and so am I, with apologies for my absence during the summer and an amends for anyone interested in my guest-blogging activities while I was away.

You see, I have been writing, just not for my personal blog.  I’ve been scribbling down PPC Ad Writing tips for BoostCTR’s blog (since I’m now managing their writer community) and guest posting my Facebook Ad Writing thoughts over at PPC Hero.

If you’re interested in such things, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite posts here:


  1. Bill Laidlaw on 09.05.2011

    I am a newbie Boostctr customer and did not even notice they had a blog!
    In my books your content ranks right up there SeoMoz posts in their immediate usability. Great stuff Jeff.

  2. Artur on 09.05.2011

    “…take most of July and all of August off. Very Euro­pean of me, actually.”

    That’s what I miss about living in Europe. In the U.S.A it’s all work all the time, even on a short 1 week vacation.

  3. Jeff on 09.05.2011

    Thanks, Bill! That’s high praise indeed.

    And, yes, Artur, a French or Italian sense of vacation time is sorely needed in America : )