So some­time after New Year’s I decided to “Turn Pro” with this blog. You’ve prob­a­bly noticed this mostly in terms of:

  1. Increased blog­ging fre­quency — from post­ing fort­nightly (if I felt like it) to post­ing 2 and now 3 times a week.
  2. Con­sis­tent post days — from post­ing any day that suited me (mean­ing putting it off was no big deal) to post­ing every Tues­day & Thurs­day, and now Friday’s too.
  3. Greater Focus on Prac­ti­cal & Con­crete top­ics and tech­niques — hence the Prac­ti­cal Tac­ti­cal Tues­days column

My new E-mail buddy

What you prob­a­bly haven’t noticed is the cre­ation of a new Newslet­ter sub­scrip­tion form.

I’m ditch­ing the old Feed­burner sub­scrip­tion plug-in in favor of MailChimp.  The Feed­burner account still works, so you’ll still receive those unless you unsub­scribe, but if you want the lat­est and great­est newsletter/new post announce­ments in all their html glory, I’d rec­om­mend re-signing up in MailChimp.

You can sign up using the form on the side bar to the left, but if it’s not show­ing up for you, use this link.

I’m will also start send­ing out “sub­scriber only” con­tent via or acces­si­ble by newslet­ter only.  My thought is: if you’re a sub­scriber, you like my stuff more than the casual vis­i­tor, and so you should — and WILL! — get some extra con­tent and good­ies.  I’m not charg­ing for it, but I am reserv­ing it for peo­ple actively fol­low­ing my blog.

Other changes you will see in the com­ing months include:

  • A near-term switch to a Stu­dio­Press Word­Press theme. I love my tweaked ver­sion of the Gods & Mon­sters theme, but I am com­ing out with some prod­ucts soon and, well, just feel the need to update. As much as pos­si­ble, I will try to carry over the look and feel of the cur­rent theme, but some changes are a’ coming.
  • The cre­ation of some honest-to-God paper books, e-books, and courses. No, I’m not look­ing to become another info-preneur or to make it rich sell­ing info prod­ucts. I’m still a work­ing copy­writer and ad con­sul­tant who makes his liv­ing cre­at­ing copy that sells other busi­ness own­ers’ prod­ucts and ser­vices. I still have a pretty strong aver­sion to the whole “get rich by telling other peo­ple how to get rich” crowd. But there are some per­sua­sion top­ics that really haven’t been cov­ered the way I’d like to see them cov­ered, and I have some insights into those top­ics that I haven’t heard from any other source, and I’d like to share them in a non-blog post format.
  • An hon­est stab at multi-media con­tent cre­ation. It’s 2012 and web-based audio and video are not only good things, but sig­nif­i­cantly eas­ier things than they’ve ever been. So I’m going to get off of my lazy, Resistance-laden butt and give ‘em a shot.
  • Increased Guest Post­ing (w/ announce­ments here). I’ve been hon­ored to guest post at Copy­blog­ger a few times before, and I’m aim­ing to do that a lot more mov­ing for­ward. You can also find me at BoostCTR’s blog, PPC Hero, and Web Mar­ket­ing Today, and those guest posts will con­tinue at the same pace.

So why am I telling you all this?

First to encour­age every­one to port their sub­scrip­tions over to MailChimp, or to sim­ply sub­scribe if you haven’t yet.

And sec­ond to “call my shots” and give myself a bit more pres­sure to get these things done

I hope you like and enjoy all the changes, but if not, feel free to let me know, either by com­ments or e-mail. If it’s a com­plaint, I’d prob­a­bly pre­fer e-mail ;)

But so long as it’s civil in tone, I’d be happy to get feed­back (even neg­a­tive feed­back) in the com­ments as well.


  1. Ken Brand on 02.29.2012

  2. paul wolfe on 03.01.2012

    Hey Jeff

    That’s bril­liant news.…I’d noticed the increase frequency.…been so busy that I’ve not had time to comment.

    Look­ing for­ward to see­ing what you’re com­ing out with!

    paul wolfe´s last blog post ..Con­tent Mar­ket­ing With Video Tip 6 – How To Upload Longer Videos To YouTube

  3. lance mcwilliams on 03.01.2012

    Jeff, I loved your old style. I loved the way each post was spe­cial . I loved the way that you spent the time to ensure that your mes­sage was clear and that I would under­stand your mean­ing. Now to your new stuff. I think some of the post you have posted under the new style is some of the best infor­ma­tion pro­vided in a unique and help­ful format…Good Jobs both old and new. and Thank You

  4. Jeff on 03.02.2012

    Lance, Ken, and Paul,

    Thanks for the com­ments and sup­port. Really appre­ci­ate it.

    - Jeff

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