Every Dad's Version of Fancy-Pants Visuals

New recurrent column: Fancy-Pants Friday!

Most often the visuals — meaning videos, charts, graphs, cartoons, pics — play only a supporting role to my posts. Hey, I’m a copywriter at heart; I skew towards words. But each Friday I now promise to bust out a Fancy-Pants Visual.

First up is a humorous but pointed video courtesy of Roy H. Williams:

I posted this not only because it’s a video worthy of Fancy-Pants Friday, but also because it gets back to a point I made earlier about the importance of reaching people not yet in the market for your product.

Also, this video was posted to Vimeo as a sample of Wizard of Ads Live.  If you liked what you saw, you might want to check it out. And if you’re interested in getting a copy of that Kijiji Snowblower Ad for your own enjoyment, you can download it here.

Oh, and happy Friday!

P.S. For those that are wondering Kijiji is an ebay subsidiary that’s become the Craigslist of Canada


  1. Grimey on 02.27.2012

    Jeff, my dad had a snowblower … in TEXAS. Sucker was burly Troy-Built gorilla with chained wheels. The monster is still parked in his old garage. In 20 years he probably had 3 snows that warranted a snowblower. But then again, like his Stihl chainsaw the snowblower was a real mans man-toy … it works. A motorcycle is a teenagers wet dream machine, a social accessory if you lack a personality or good hygiene … but a chainsaw and snowblower … these bad boys do WORK. And improperly used they can chew off an arm or rip an arm out of it’s socket. Even properly used you will suffer hearing loss from operating (which seems to be a primary function of all true man-toys). So don’t try and explain to your wife why you still have that 5hp chainsaw capable of felling a giant Sequoia in your garage … it is a vestige of your days as a Mainer, a man of the woods, a way of telling the world you are MAN, hear me growl.