Every Dad’s Ver­sion of Fancy-Pants Visuals

New recur­rent col­umn: Fancy-Pants Friday!

Most often the visu­als — mean­ing videos, charts, graphs, car­toons, pics — play only a sup­port­ing role to my posts. Hey, I’m a copy­writer at heart; I skew towards words. But each Fri­day I now promise to bust out a Fancy-Pants Visual.

First up is a humor­ous but pointed video cour­tesy of Roy H. Williams:

I posted this not only because it’s a video wor­thy of Fancy-Pants Fri­day, but also because it gets back to a point I made ear­lier about the impor­tance of reach­ing peo­ple not yet in the mar­ket for your prod­uct.

Also, this video was posted to Vimeo as a sam­ple of Wiz­ard of Ads Live.  If you liked what you saw, you might want to check it out. And if you’re inter­ested in get­ting a copy of that Kijiji Snow­blower Ad for your own enjoy­ment, you can down­load it here.

Oh, and happy Friday!

P.S. For those that are won­der­ing Kijiji is an ebay sub­sidiary that’s become the Craigslist of Canada


  1. Grimey on 02.27.2012

    Jeff, my dad had a snow­blower … in TEXAS. Sucker was burly Troy-Built gorilla with chained wheels. The mon­ster is still parked in his old garage. In 20 years he prob­a­bly had 3 snows that war­ranted a snow­blower. But then again, like his Stihl chain­saw the snow­blower was a real mans man-toy … it works. A motor­cy­cle is a teenagers wet dream machine, a social acces­sory if you lack a per­son­al­ity or good hygiene … but a chain­saw and snow­blower … these bad boys do WORK. And improp­erly used they can chew off an arm or rip an arm out of it’s socket. Even prop­erly used you will suf­fer hear­ing loss from oper­at­ing (which seems to be a pri­mary func­tion of all true man-toys). So don’t try and explain to your wife why you still have that 5hp chain­saw capa­ble of felling a giant Sequoia in your garage … it is a ves­tige of your days as a Mainer, a man of the woods, a way of telling the world you are MAN, hear me growl.



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