220px-189656~Groundhog-Day-PostersI’ve blogged about this particular piece of film genius before, but I recently came across a brilliant video mash-up of all Ned Ryerson’s scenes.  And what’s so great about this video, beyond the fact that it’s hysterical, is that it highlights the beauty of set-ups and pay-offs — a dramatic technique that’s usually a lot harder to see or show.

Normally, a writer has to work to bring things around, full circle, in order to show character change, making it a bit more difficult to pick out and showcase the set-ups and payoffs.  But the “stuck in the same day” premise of Groundhog Day removes that difficulty, allowing the creation of mashup like the one below.  A mashup that perfectly demonstrates the beauty of set-ups and pay-offs  : )

YouTube Preview Image

P.S. If you’re a fan of the movie, you might also enjoy this blog post on Groundhog Day’s “Hidden Heroin


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