Tom Fatjo is a big-time CEO of huge publicly traded company, who got to that position through an uninterupted string of entreprenuerial success.  From 1966 through 1981 Tom built 3 hundred million dollar companies:

1) Browning-Ferris Industries, Inc. the world’s largest solid-waste disposal company at that time, with sales in excess of $550 million

2) Mortgage Bank, servicing over $400 million in mortgage loans (back in 1981, when banking and mortgages were respectable industries…)

3) Criterion Capital Corporation, whose subsidiaries and affiliates managed over $2 billion.

In other words, the guys an entrepreneurial and business stud.

But what does this have to do with you?

Well, back in 1981 Tom Fatjo and Keith Miller teamed up to write a business book titled, With No Fear of Failure, and during their writing time together, Tom taught Keith a method for idea generation and book outlining that he claimed was instrumental in his business success.

Keith Miller's most famous book

Keith Miller, a famous author and successful business man in his own right, went on to use the process himself in authoring numerous best-selling books.  And being the generous soul that he was, Keith shared and taught Tom’s same method to others, among them, my friend and book promotional genius, Michael Drew.

Mike has since adapted this technique to the modern realities of non-fiction book writing and promotion (blogging, platform building, etc.) and has created a Webinar for teaching this same process to non-fiction writers and bloggers.

If you’ve ever dreamt of getting “the secrets” of how to write a best-selling non-fiction book passed on to you, my first advice is to snap out of it — there’s simply no “secret magic.” You have to sit down and do the work. But there are ways to work smarter, and what Mike Drew is offering is as close to the fantasy of “the secret magic” as legitimately exists…

Michael Drew

Best of all, Mike has given me 10 free registrations for a Webinar being held tomorrow at 6:00pm Pacific Time wherein he will walk participants through the entire process.

If you go to the Webinar sign-up page, you’ll see that he’s charging $69 to attend, but I’m giving out free registrations to the first 10 readers who contact me.

And, no, this is not an affiliate marketing deal, nor am I getting any financial benefit from this.  I’m just offering up these free seats as a benefit to you, my readers.

So if you’re interested, drop me a quick e-mail.

And if you’d like to read up on this process a bit, you can get a full description plus all the details on the Webinar itself here.


  1. Jacob Duchaine on 03.12.2012

    I do want to know both of those things, but I don’t like Webinarrs very much. I’m sure you’ll get emails from people looking to jump all over those invites though.
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