Tom Fatjo is a big-time CEO of huge pub­licly traded com­pany, who got to that posi­tion through an unin­terupted string of entre­prenue­r­ial suc­cess.  From 1966 through 1981 Tom built 3 hun­dred mil­lion dol­lar companies:

1) Browning-Ferris Indus­tries, Inc. the world’s largest solid-waste dis­posal com­pany at that time, with sales in excess of $550 million

2) Mort­gage Bank, ser­vic­ing over $400 mil­lion in mort­gage loans (back in 1981, when bank­ing and mort­gages were respectable industries…)

3) Cri­te­rion Cap­i­tal Cor­po­ra­tion, whose sub­sidiaries and affil­i­ates man­aged over $2 billion.

In other words, the guys an entre­pre­neur­ial and busi­ness stud.

But what does this have to do with you?

Well, back in 1981 Tom Fatjo and Keith Miller teamed up to write a busi­ness book titled, With No Fear of Fail­ure, and dur­ing their writ­ing time together, Tom taught Keith a method for idea gen­er­a­tion and book out­lin­ing that he claimed was instru­men­tal in his busi­ness success.

Keith Miller’s most famous book

Keith Miller, a famous author and suc­cess­ful busi­ness man in his own right, went on to use the process him­self in author­ing numer­ous best-selling books.  And being the gen­er­ous soul that he was, Keith shared and taught Tom’s same method to oth­ers, among them, my friend and book pro­mo­tional genius, Michael Drew.

Mike has since adapted this tech­nique to the mod­ern real­i­ties of non-fiction book writ­ing and pro­mo­tion (blog­ging, plat­form build­ing, etc.) and has cre­ated a Webi­nar for teach­ing this same process to non-fiction writ­ers and blog­gers.

If you’ve ever dreamt of get­ting “the secrets” of how to write a best-selling non-fiction book passed on to you, my first advice is to snap out of it — there’s sim­ply no “secret magic.” You have to sit down and do the work. But there are ways to work smarter, and what Mike Drew is offer­ing is as close to the fan­tasy of “the secret magic” as legit­i­mately exists…

Michael Drew

Best of all, Mike has given me 10 free reg­is­tra­tions for a Webi­nar being held tomor­row at 6:00pm Pacific Time wherein he will walk par­tic­i­pants through the entire process.

If you go to the Webi­nar sign-up page, you’ll see that he’s charg­ing $69 to attend, but I’m giv­ing out free reg­is­tra­tions to the first 10 read­ers who con­tact me.

And, no, this is not an affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing deal, nor am I get­ting any finan­cial ben­e­fit from this.  I’m just offer­ing up these free seats as a ben­e­fit to you, my readers.

So if you’re inter­ested, drop me a quick e-mail.

And if you’d like to read up on this process a bit, you can get a full descrip­tion plus all the details on the Webi­nar itself here.


  1. Jacob Duchaine on 03.12.2012

    I do want to know both of those things, but I don’t like Webi­na­rrs very much. I’m sure you’ll get emails from peo­ple look­ing to jump all over those invites though.
    Jacob Duchaine´s last blog post ..How to be a Blog­ger in 30 Days or Less!

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