With the movie version of The Lorax out at theaters near you, I thought you might enjoy this:

So, it’s funny because it’s true, right?

It also highlights the difference between, what a story or movie or ad is superficially about, and what it’s REALLY about. An important nuance that a lot of copywriters screw up.

An ad for a car might be about the car, but it’s REALLY about celebrating the fact that you’ve arrived. And while this ad is for a watch rather than a car, the copywriter definitely got that distinction:

You are standing in the snow, five and one-half half miles above sea level, gazing at a horizon hundreds of miles away. It occurs to you that life here is very simple: you live or you die. No compromises, no whining, no second chances. This is a place constantly ravaged by winds and storm, where every ragged breath is an accomplishment. You stand on the uppermost pinnacle of the earth. This is the mountain they call Everest. Yesterday it was considered unbeatable. But that was yesterday. As Edmund Hillary surveyed the horizon from the peak of Mount Everest, he monitored the time on a wristwatch that had been specifically designed to withstand the fury of the world’s most angry mountain. Rolex believed Sir Edmund would conquer the mountain, and especially for him they created the Rolex Explorer. In every life there is a Mount Everest to be conquered. When you have conquered yours, you’ll find your Rolex waiting patiently for you to come and pick it up at Justice Jewelers. I’m Woody Justice and I’ve got a Rolex… for you.

So when writing your ads, make sure you ask yourself: “What’s this about? What’s it REALLY about?”

P.S. If you have trouble with this, think in terms of creating an emotional understanding of an intellectual truth.


  1. Don Seidenberg on 03.10.2012

    Great post with a great visual.


  2. Jill on 03.12.2012

    Haha, you hit this head-on, Jeff! I can see why Dr. Seuss ultimately decided to go with the titles he did. 😉

    In all seriousness though, these are well interpreted!
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