With the movie ver­sion of The Lorax out at the­aters near you, I thought you might enjoy this:

So, it’s funny because it’s true, right?

It also high­lights the dif­fer­ence between, what a story or movie or ad is super­fi­cially about, and what it’s REALLY about. An impor­tant nuance that a lot of copy­writ­ers screw up.

An ad for a car might be about the car, but it’s REALLY about cel­e­brat­ing the fact that you’ve arrived. And while this ad is for a watch rather than a car, the copy­writer def­i­nitely got that distinction:

You are stand­ing in the snow, five and one-half half miles above sea level, gaz­ing at a hori­zon hun­dreds of miles away. It occurs to you that life here is very sim­ple: you live or you die. No com­pro­mises, no whin­ing, no sec­ond chances. This is a place con­stantly rav­aged by winds and storm, where every ragged breath is an accom­plish­ment. You stand on the upper­most pin­na­cle of the earth. This is the moun­tain they call Ever­est. Yes­ter­day it was con­sid­ered unbeat­able. But that was yes­ter­day. As Edmund Hillary sur­veyed the hori­zon from the peak of Mount Ever­est, he mon­i­tored the time on a wrist­watch that had been specif­i­cally designed to with­stand the fury of the world’s most angry moun­tain. Rolex believed Sir Edmund would con­quer the moun­tain, and espe­cially for him they cre­ated the Rolex Explorer. In every life there is a Mount Ever­est to be con­quered. When you have con­quered yours, you’ll find your Rolex wait­ing patiently for you to come and pick it up at Jus­tice Jew­el­ers. I’m Woody Jus­tice and I’ve got a Rolex… for you.

So when writ­ing your ads, make sure you ask your­self: “What’s this about? What’s it REALLY about?”

P.S. If you have trou­ble with this, think in terms of cre­at­ing an emo­tional under­stand­ing of an intel­lec­tual truth.


  1. Don Seidenberg on 03.10.2012

    Great post with a great visual.


  2. Jill on 03.12.2012

    Haha, you hit this head-on, Jeff! I can see why Dr. Seuss ulti­mately decided to go with the titles he did. ;)

    In all seri­ous­ness though, these are well inter­preted!
    Jill´s last blog post ..Lead­ing by Exam­ple: Busi­ness and Mar­ket­ing Tips from 12 Top-Notch Interviews

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