I have guest posted over at Web Marketing Today for a while now, but the Website itself has recently undergone a redesign as well as a slight editorial change with regards to my posts.  While the focus on Web Marketing for small to medium-sized businesses remains the same, my  posts are now focused on:

  1. Website Improvement for Service-Based Businesses
  2. Content Marketing for Service-Based Businesses

I’m excited about this because SMB Service Providers are a largely underserved market when it comes to Web Marketing.  Most examples focus on either etailers or enterprise-sized B2B service providers.

Yet, a majority of what my Wizard Partners call “Main Street Businesses” are either service providers (think HVAC, carpeting, contractors, printers, advertisers, Web designers, accountants, consultants etc.) or are retailers who manage to stay profitable and, frankly, relevant to the customer based on their ability to provide services around the sale (most niche or specialty stores & boutiques). So this is an extremely important market to serve and speak to, and I feel uniquely privileged to be able to do so.

If you’re interested in this kind of content, you can find all my Web Marketing Today posts here.  A recent one that I think many of you would like is this post on 5 Sales-Generating Photos for Service Websites.

At any rate, I hope you  like what you find, and please let me know if there is anything that you’d like me to cover in future articles.


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