maxresdefaultBecause it’s your business, it’s natural to see the drama surrounding what you do from your perspective — as if your business is the star of the show.

It’s natural, but it’s also a huge mistake.

You are NOT Cinderella. You’re the fairy godmother.

You’re not even in the picture for most of the film, except when your customer desperately needs you. Then you swoop in, save the day, and exit stage left.

Like this:

YouTube Preview Image

That means your business will never be so loved as in that one magic moment, immediately after you’ve saved the day.

That’s the Bippity-Boppity-Boo moment.

And unfortunately, you’re probably letting that moment slip by unrecorded, un-leveraged, wasted.

Here’s what you should be doing instead:

  1. Recording a testimonial (along with permission to use it)
  2. Getting a picture of the happy client with the finished product or service
  3. Getting before and after photos
  4. Posting the testimonial and/or photos to Social Media, with the client tagged in them.

And that last item is especially important for what I typically call “unsexy” businesses attempting to use Social Media.

Sexy businesses are the kind that touch on customers’ passions and addictions: fashion, food, drink, sports, hobbies, etc.

People want to talk about wine and chocolate and skiing and gourmet cooking even when they’re not in urgent need of them.

Unsexy businesses are typically about lights and pipes and maintenance and cleaning.

The Social Media mistake for unsexy businesses is to try to “engage” people in the fascinating world of transmission repair, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, etc. They want to pull people into their social media circle and then tell them stories where the business is the star attraction.

It almost never works because your business isn’t Cinderella and unsexy businesses have no star attraction (aka, sex appeal).

Remember, the customer is the star; you’re the fairy godmother. So co-opt your customers’ social circles by making the story about the customer during the business’s Bippity-Boppity-Boo moment.

People don’t care to read or hear about unsexy businesses, but they DO care about their friends.

When you make their friends the star, that creates interest, lets you showcase your fairy godmother powers, and harnesses the power of social proof at the same time.

If your customer’s Social Media friends are exposed to enough of this, they’ll come to think of you first and feel the best about you when they need those same services.

When you hog the spotlight, you lose. When you make the customer the star, and own your roll as the fairy godmother, everyone wins.


  1. Bill Stine on 03.27.2017

    Any input on how to do this when not only is the product “not sexy”, but my customers don’t even want to admit they have “the problem” my product helped them solve (hemorrhoids).

  2. JC Whitted on 03.28.2017

    We have a difficult premise to sell even though it’s sexy. The approach you highlight above, coupled with a little “enchantment” has been successful for us though it’s one thing to get yoga into prison and quite another to generate donations. Both are serious challenges for us.

    Enjoy the blog,


  3. Tom Andrews on 04.02.2017

    Hey Jeff,

    Absolutely loved the Fairy Godmother concept. Always great to see a fellow copywriter use analogies and tell stories, instead of getting straight to the point.

    After all, there’s a reason none of us liked school. Facts are boring. Stories are fascinating.

    So great job. (And this is the first post I’ve read of yours by the way, so I’ll certainly be back.(

    Anyway, your content was awesome, too.

    You’re completely right when you say that business owners need to stop making themselves the star of the show. The sooner people realize their prospects don’t give a damn about them, but only of the results they provide, the sooner these biz owners will make a ton more money.


    Your point about getting the testimonial as soon as they’ve got their great result is huge.

    Plus when people give a testimonial (especially if it’s a video) when they are in a heightened positive emotional state, it 100% comes across to anyone watching. This then makes the testimonial seem even more powerful.

    A great testimonial format is to get your customer/client talking about the pain they were in before they used your product…

    Then to talk about their skepticism when they heard about you/your product…

    And then finally, SPECIFIC benefits and “wins” they’ve got from using it.

    When you combine this with the advice you’ve given here, it makes for testimonials more powerful than Thor!
    Tom Andrews´s last blog post ..Sales Funnel Lessons From Genghis Khan’s “Tripwire”

  4. Jeff on 04.02.2017

    Thanks, Tom. I appreciate it. And, yes, that’s a great format for testimonials. First heard Sean D’Souza lay that out and it’s been very powerful for me ever since. Good stuff.