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While I have been a writer all of my adult life, my web copywriting career began in 2004, shortly after I was invited to become a Wizard of Ads Partner.  By 2006 copywriting had become my fulltime employment.  From June 2007, until November of 2009 I worked almost exclusively with Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg at Future Now, Inc.

While with Future Now, I have consulted for several Fortune 50 companies, participated in scores of major site redesigns, and have had the privilege of running or participating in hundreds of split and multivariate tests of web design, content, and messaging.

In addition to my consulting and writing, I have created and taught a perennially sold-out copywriting course called How to Write Powerfully and Clearly, and I co-teach Persuasive Online Copywriting with Jeffrey Eisenberg and Writing for the Radio and the Internet for Wizard Academy.

Currently, I specialize in combining content and messaging improvement with aggressive analytics and testing as part of a “holistic” approach to website optimization that bridges the divide between Usability/Optimization/Analytics crowd and persuasive copywriting/Content Marketing.  I am also a strong advocate and practitioner of radio-to-web strategies to drive traffic and leads for local and regional businesses.

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